A family portrait with wife, Jennifer, and son, William Spencer

       I've finally posted some more recent images: a flash slideshow of our Summer 2011 trip to Spencer Pond.
       Click on any of the links for more photos of the family.

page 0: Alaska: Summer 2002  
page 1: Will's birth: Winter 2004 page 6: Maine: Summer 2005 page 11: The National Zoo, Summer 07
page 2: Home; Baptism: Spring 04 page 7: Will's Year: 2006 page 12: NYC: July 4 '07 [movie]
page 3: Maine: Summer 2004 page 8: Colorado: Fall 2006 page 13: Fall Break at the Beach 07
page 4: Kitty Hawk 2004 page 9: Will's Year: Winter & Spring 07 page 14: Spencer Pond, Summer 09 [movie]
page 5: Holidays 2004 page 10: Maine: Summer 2007 page 15: Asheville, Summer 10 [movie]
    page 16: Spencer Pond, Summer 11 [movie]
     An online portfolio of my concert ("classical") music, including many audio clips. Enjoy!
     An article, in reaction to an essay by Milton Babbit, discussing why a composer should write. 
     Do we need to worry about what the audience thinks?


     A riveting photojournal of exoticism, culture shock, piracy and
luxury at sea.  Except without the piracy. 

     An (incomplete) photojournal of our 1998 trip to Japan.

     An annotated list of a few favorite works of science fiction and fantasy.

POP TUNES: Original Music that doesn't fit on to my professional composer's resume.

Click the title of the song(s) below to play:

New Thing (Middle Aged wisdom I hope to avoid)
The Memory (Some down n' dirty rock and roll)
Nightlife (A doo-wop ditty about vampires in New York City)
Midnight on 34th Street (A sentimental, folk encounter between a lonely man and a prostitute)
Lay Your Body Down (A sweet ballad with backup vocals by Ingrid Anderson)

Examples require Quicktime, free for Windows or Macintosh users.

We weave this web amongst ourselves. Permit me to entwine a few threads and keep us all in touch.
Did I miss anyone
Erik and Tery Ackerman
Charles Lyndsey Bruce
Effie Cochran
David and Elizabeth Harrell Deal- stunning professional photography
Josh Denbeaux- his personal law firm site.
Erika S. (Fischer) Floreska- pictures from their wedding.
Chick and Anne Howe
Chip Howe and Jane Aiudi
Andrew and Sus
Beth Quimby-Hopkins-a ridiculously talented concert pianist near Buffalo.
Joanna and Thane Norton- many, many baby pix of Tory and her cousin Virginia. Their parents, too.
Eric Parks- including complete scripts to episodes of "Footlights presents Nighthrob"  Not to be missed.
Amy Scurria- fellow Peabody composer; includes streaming score excerpts.
Nancy Shilcock and Jeff Elliott- members of the family through Peter Witt. Lots of multimedia on the site.
Marie Taylor
College of Wooster E-mail list
St. John the Evangelist United Methodist-Presbyterian Homepage
Uphill - white-hot blues Carolina Swampland Blues band in northeastern North Carolina.

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