Spencer Pond Camps, Maine: July 2011

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It was time to return to the Spencer Pond Camps. My godparents, Anne and Chick had run them for 25 years, and have been retired from them for about 16. Now under the care of her grandaughter Christy and her husband Dana, the century-old Camps are flourishing. We took a very special week there, as Anne and Chick returned to Spencer Pond for their first overnight stay since retiring. In fact, they joined us for the entire week. Dana, a lobsterman, brought us all a picnic banquet of seafood, causing me to ask Christy to remind m e "how are we roughing it here, exactly?" Many of the pictures are of our son Wiliam Spencer, now 7, who was determined to sumit the mountain after which he is named.Above all, Thoreau's woods were healthy - and the loons returned to the Pond.

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